Greetings to My Wifey Tribe!!


Hey Y’all!!

This is my first post for my new blog, so I wanted to start strong and let it be known exactly who I am and the type of women I’m looking for to be part of my Tribe. Read my manifesto, and see if you’re in a relationship where you feel some or most of what I’m saying.  If so, then I’m looking for YOU.  Even if things aren’t going as well as you’d like right now, I know how to set them right so you can have your Love Worth Keeping.

Now,  I use the word “Wifey” even though I am a wife because Wifey was the change in my attitude and actions that got me TO wife in the first place.  I was Wifey first and I remain Wifey, and here is what being Wifey means to me.

The Wifey Manifesto:
Warriors of Love and Compromise

I am Wifey.
I have found a man so special I just can’t let him go. He is not perfect, but I am not perfect either, so I accept his love as the blessing it is and release the shame others would have me feel for loving and trusting who my heart tells me to love and yearns to trust.
We strive toward perfection together, excusing one another’s human failings and allowing love and trust space to grow. We understand there has to be a balance, masculine and feminine, and accept our roles. He doesn’t want to be the feminine and I embrace letting him be the masculine.
I choose to be his Wifey, to be a vision of a gracious, elegant, forgiving, patient and giving partner- the essence of femininity. I maintain this vision through adversity. The more I practice these virtues, the stronger the good times and the fewer and further between the bad ones. The more I practice these virtues, the deeper and more committed his love for me becomes.
I am a powerful Queen who gently and respectfully influences and shapes her King to be stronger and better, while our challenges make me a stronger and better Queen. I am a woman he wants to listen to and be influenced by- his confidante, council, peacemaker and healer.
If there is ever a gap to bridge in our understanding, I am always willing to build that bridge. My patience gives him acceptance, my peace gives him shelter. I know love given only in good times is shallow love, so I choose to love unconditionally. I have decided to stop talking myself out of opening my heart out of fear because I know a good man when I get one. Furthermore I know a man I feel an undeniable connection to. He is both, so now I choose to honor that, reveal my heart to him and behave in a manner that fits my station as his Queen.
After bad things happen, I can be hurt, but I can still love, and love fearlessly because that love heals me. This means the bad we go through is where I can experience the full joy of love. Bring on the issues! Together we can handle them. Every one. We’ve done it before and if we have to do it again, we will. That doesn’t make me weak or a doormat- it makes me a warrior.
Only “fools for love” get to fall in love with their mate over and over and that is what I choose. “Foolish” love. Love that behaves in an open, giving, forgiving and compassionate way, no matter the obstacle. Love with great risk of breaking my heart but a heart that doesn’t turn away, or fear. Love that trusts with open arms, open mind and open heart.
I am a Warrior.
I am a Queen.
I am Wifey.

**If you feel my manifesto above, make sure to like my page on Facebook, The Wifey Handbook for free relationship advice on how to be the Wifey I know you are.  If you’re looking for a way to get the fire going again with your Boo, please check out my web page and sign up to receive your free copy of “How to Get the Spark Back NOW!!” which will start to change your entire relationship for the better like magic!


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